Tips To Safely Barbecue At Home

Summertime is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious barbeque. However, grilling can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Here are some pro tips for how to use a grill or barbeque at home and how you can use it wisely. With such techniques, you can try your hand at multi-cousins and prepare meals like a pro. 

Consider Adequate Space 

Before using any full heat device, ensure you are aware of the surroundings. For example, fences or your house should not surround the space where you will place your BBQ. Also, ensure the kids and pets are kept away from the BBQ or grilling in the garage. At the same time, avoid compact spaces and provide enough air circulation to let the smoke escape easily. 

Always Keep The Lid Open

Make sure you always open the lid before you light the grill. Otherwise, the excess build-up of gas can cause huge chaos while you proceed to light the grill again. 

Check For Gas Leaks

Making a solution of half liquid dish detergent and half water and wiping it on the hoses of your gas grill will ensure that no gas is leaking from it. Next, start the gas (with the grill lid open.) If the soap produces huge bubbles, the hoses may have small holes or the couplings may not be secure enough.

Avoid Overloading Your Grill 

Ensure you avoid overloading your grill and do not rush to cook everything at once. Instead, cook your food slowly, it will give an authentic taste and enhance the smoky look of your food. Moreover, if we talk about the nature of food, fatty meats cause flare-ups while cooking them, which can easily char the other food on the grill. Plus, overloading on the grill will lead to uneven cooking. 

Keep Adequate Distance 

Ensure you keep your grill at least 10 feet away from the house. This distance includes the portions attached to the house – garages, carports, and porches. Also, avoid using grills (charcoal or gas grills) underneath overhangs, as the flare-ups can damage the wooden structure above. 

Keep A Fire Extinguisher Within Reach

Ensure that you equip your kitchen with a good quality fire extinguisher. However, we do not wish that you ever use it, but when you are working with the fire element, it is necessary to secure yourself first. Also, ensure you have the basic knowledge to use the fire extinguisher. But if the fire is getting out of your hands, call an expert rather than fighting alone. 

Grab Hands On The Equipment 

When starting the grilling process, ensure you have all the necessary equipment. And if you are buying a griller or barbeque for the first time, we suggest you get your hands on charcoal grills. Different grills are available; choose the size you or your backyard is comfortable with. You can also invest in portable grills that are easy to carry through the travel. 

Keep Your Grill Maintained. 

Barbeque At Home

The most important task when learning to grill is to keep your grill clean and well maintained. It’s essential to check whether you have a broken barbecue grill. 

Ensure that you slightly clean the grill before using it and give deep cleaning once or twice a year. And use a good quality brush with wire bristle to clean the debris and food left over from the grill bottom or top rods. Efficiently scrape the brush back and forth to clean the grills evenly. 

And if you are using a charcoal grill, clean the ashes of the previous grilling session. And to give a deep cleaning, heat the grill for 10-15 minutes, it will loosen the leftover food particles. Next, turn off the gas and use a wire bristle with soap and water to clean the grill gates efficiently. 

Preheat Is Essential 

Before you cook anything, make sure you preheat your grill. So, whether you own a charcoal grill or gas grill, give it a good preheat for at least 15-20 minutes. Use a chimney starter for the charcoal grill or light the coals using flammable material. Whereas light the burner of the gas grill and preheat for around 10 minutes. 

Wear Appropriate Clothes 

This is another major point to consider while grilling. Most of the fabrics are made up of synthetic materials, which are beautiful, no doubt, but they catch fire easily. Ensure that you are wearing clothes that are suitable for grilling or barbeque. 

Make sure you wear clothes suitable for the grilling or barbeque session. Avoid wearing clothes that have long sleeves. It can catch fire. Wear an appropriate apron to avoid the makers of spills or keep yourself safe from the grill’s heat. 

And unfortunately, if the gas catches fire, drop everything and extinguish the flames quickly. But for that purpose, it is essential for you to know – how to turn off the coal grill. 

How To Use A Grill

When you are a beginner or using charcoal barbeque for the first time, a few techniques may help. And for a better understanding, we have classified these techniques into direct or indirect grilling or barbeque techniques. 

Direct Barbeque/Grilling Techniques 

When grilling with a direct technique, you will cook the pieces of meat separately. Here you will require 15-20 minutes while cover the lid. But to provide even heat for all the pieces, it’s necessary to cook while keeping the lid open. 

  • First, open the lid and bowl vents.
  • Now spread the burning briquettes or coal (glowing) all over the grate. 
  • And when you feel the coal or briquettes are hot enough, shift your food directly to them.
  • Then wait for some time and monitor the temperature.
  • If required, trim the vents and let the air circulate evenly. 

Indirect Barbeque/Grilling Techniques 

The indirect method involves quick cooking and requires less time to prepare the meal. But if you are preparing – bread, roasts, or cake, in that case, the indirect method may take more time than usual. Also, in such cases, the proper position of the coal is necessary to achieve a better result. 

  • First, open the lid and bowl vents.
  • Use the tongs to arrange the briquettes or coal placed on the charcoal grate. 
  • Then pour a little water into your drip tray while setting the hot coal or briquettes. 
  • Afterward, you can lower the cooking grate and settle the food above the drip tray.
  • Pull the lid back and wait until the food gets properly cooked. 
  • Now all you have to do is monitor the temperature of the meal .
  • Once it starts to burn too hot, trim your airflow and close the vent.

5 Essential Tools For Grilling 

Now that you have explored the tips and techniques to use barbeque at home let us now shed some light on grilling or barbeque tools that can enhance the experience of grilling in the garage. As experts suggest these tools, you can purely rely on them. 

Char-Broil Spatula 

This spatula is designed to work for the grilling dedicatedly. It’s a must-have tool for the gibbers who have just started working. Also, it has an extended handle that will keep your hands away from the heat. Even if you are cooking heavy or bigger pieces, it can easily handle the weight of the food. 


This is one of the essential tools while you are working with grilling or barbeque. Similar to the spatula, it also has a long handle that will keep your hands away from the heat. In addition, it has strong springs and is easy to use with small pieces or items. 

Grill Brush Or Scraper

Grill brush

As the head is designed to clean faster, even a beginner can easily clean their grills or barbeque. The brush has three rows of bristle; it provides triple the coverage and easily cleans the grills. 


A good quality thermometer is essential when working with a griller or barbeque. It will help you measure the grill’s temperature and help prevent overcooking. 

Heat Resistant Gloves 

When working with heat, you need to wear extreme heat-resistant gloves that will protect you from fire and lessen the exposure to heat. Moreover, as cooking fatty food may cause product flares, it will help prevent any physical damage to your hands. 


Summer is incomplete without BBQ and delicious foods at home backyard. Follow these techniques and tips to ensure that you have a safe BBQ at home with your friends and family. It is always necessary to be cautious when it comes to grilling!

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