About Us

To me, nothing beats having a good barbecue on a warm summer evening. As soon as those clocks change and the days grow longer, I’m out in the backyard grilling! My name is John Rinder and I have spent the majority of my adult life grilling and learning about barbecues. 

In fact, my grilling experience stems from even before that, when I used to watch my father grill outdoors. Some of my favorite memories growing up were surrounding the grill in the backyard, or a portable grill on the beach or in the park.

20 years later, it's wild to believe how much I have grown and developed in my cooking journey. 

Nowadays, I think that less and less people are enjoying the art of grilling. There’s just not as much time in the day to get the grill fired up anymore - it’s much easier to throw something in a pot on the stove or in the oven. 

However, I’m not ready to give up my passion just yet, and I don’t want grilling to become a thing of the past. So, I created Grill Charms in a bid to teach anyone willing to listen how to grill. 

I want to use this website as a place to lend all of my knowledge, tips and tricks about barbecuing. You can also find my favorite product reviews, recipes, and anything else that might make your grilling adventure a little easier. 

So, have a look through my website before getting your barbecue out - then feel free to grill to your heart’s content! 

Feel Free to reach out to me anytime on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter