List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them

Have you ever wondered which models and brands of pellet grillers are manufactured in America?

We’d like to give a warm welcome as you browse the most extensive collection of pellet grills manufactured in America.

List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them

We’re aware that a substantial number of firms have decided to outsource production to save costs and provide more cheap products to their consumers.

To add to the confusion, several grill manufacturers have used deft marketing to claim headquarters in America while manufacturing their products in another nation.

In summary, a business may claim to have its headquarters in America even if it imports all of its products. They should, however, take note of and inform the buyer about the manufacturing location of the merchandise.

Then manufacturers source components from throughout the globe and manufacture the grill somewhere in America.

While some may claim that these are made in America, this article shall concentrate only on pellet grills made in America. Let’s get into it now and help you find the best pellet grills that are made right here in the USA!

What Is A Pellet Grill?

Before we dive into what pellet grills are made in the USA, let’s have a quick recap for those in the room that need it.

A pellet grill is a type of smoker that uses pellets as fuel to heat the cooking chamber, which in turn heats food placed inside the cooking chamber. The pellets are usually made from wood and can be purchased at most grocery stores or online.

In 10 minutes, the grill will be ready to cook that chicken you’ve been craving. Pellet grills allow those who are always on the go to cook at previously unthinkable hours without compromising flavor. Pellet grills combine the ease of using a gas grill with the flavor of wood-fired cooking.

Pellet grills should not be used in wet regions. While unintentional drowning is technically possible, it is not recommended. While wood pellets perform poorly in damp circumstances, charcoal performs as poorly.

Pellet grills, in general, have a maximum temperature of 500 degrees. This enables the most efficient scorching at temperatures between 600 and 700 degrees.

It is recommended that you utilize a device such as Grill Grates to aid in achieving a beautiful sear. While it is debatable if this counts as a disadvantage, I added it to leave no stone unturned.

Are Pellet Smokers The Same As A Pellet Grill?

Many people find themselves wondering if pellet smokers and pellet grills are the same. Well, there are some differences between them. Let’s take a look at what they are now!

The primary distinction between a pellet grill and a smoker is that a pellet grill may be used for a variety of cooking techniques, including grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking, while a smoker is used only for smoking food.

Smoking and grilling meats have become more popular in recent years. This is why many folks utilize pellet grills. Pellet grills and smokers are synonyms for pellet grills. Pellet smokers/grills cannot be used in place of conventional smokers.

How Old Is The Original Pellet Grill?

In the mid-1980s, Joe Traeger designed pellet grills and also patented the design. Trager created the first pellet grill, becoming the first to mass sell it.

Joe Traeger began his career manufacturing pellet stoves before using his new knowledge to create the modern pellet grill we know and love today.

After Traeger’s patent expired in 2006, a slew of grill manufacturers entered the market with their pellet grill models and brands.

Historically, the majority of pellet smokers used simple controls with a limited number of settings. Digital thermostatic controls determine pellet-feed sequences based on internal heat sensors.

Certain pellet controllers have integrated meat sensors that monitor the internal temperatures of the meat and assist in monitoring the cooking.

Grills have undergone substantial evolution throughout the years, and the most recent versions include cutting-edge technology.

Now you monitor the temperature of your food and meat on your phone, you can prepare wonderful dinners while socializing with other people.

Should I Use A Grill Or A Smoker?

List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them

Depending on which manufacturer you choose, a high-quality pellet grill model will replicate the majority of the qualities of a big offset smoker. This includes indirect fire and cooking at low temperatures.

However, if you’re cooking burgers, then grills can achieve high temperatures and some can be used to sear steak.

Certain manufacturers make pellet smokers specifically for smoking meat. Since these smokers work at low temperatures, they are unable to cook hamburgers or steaks.

What Pellet Grills Are Still Made In America?

Let’s get into why you came here today! Below is a list of the pellet grills that are made in the USA.

MAK Grills Wooden Pellet Grills

Bob and Kerry Tucker created MAK grills as a family-owned and managed business. This is a long-established veteran-owned company.

As is true of many small businesses, theirs was forced to adapt and grow amid challenging economic times.

Their effort, persistence, and commitment to ethics enabled them to develop this manufacturing company into a pellet grill manufacturer.

The company is still manufacturing precision tools and equipment components. Their grills are created with the same attention to detail and perfection.

They adhere to rigorous standards and provide high-quality products. Every component, from the meat probe to the auger, is manufactured in America. The whole process of design, production, testing, and support takes place in America.

The company is now hiring for positions in manufacturing, design, customer support, and distribution. They not only recruit veterans but also treat their employees like family. MAK grills are made and developed in America.

These high-quality grills have components made of 304 stainless steel, hand-crafted parts, and exceptional customer service. A Mak Grill is the product of American ingenuity and sweat effort.

Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers is a well-known American maker of commercial-grade pellet grills based in Kansas. It is made of 14 or 10-gauge steel, which results in a highly sturdy and substantial pellet grill. Yoder Smokers are designed to mimic tanks.

The YS480s is one of the most popular models. It has non-slip handles, built-in meat probes, and a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Yoder smokers are constructed to endure, which accounts for their size.

Yoder claims to give the industry’s best guarantee, which covers the cooking chamber for ten years and other electrical components for three.

Blaz’n Grill Works

Blaz’n Grill Works is a Nebraska-based company. They began the development of an American-made pellet barbecue in 2011 at their production facility. Since then, their barbecues have received several prizes in international BBQ competitions.

The creators began manufacturing grills in 2011 and have since expanded to Nebraska, where their work has been recognized with multiple awards.

Blaz’n Grill wooden pellet grills are constructed of thick gauge steel for maximum heat retention and durability.

Smokin Brothers Inc.

Smokin Brothers is another family-owned business that began in 2008 in Southwest Missouri. It began as a family affair, with relatives entering in local barbecue contests, but it has since expanded!

It was just a matter of time before they began welding together their grills for improved outdoor cooking and outcomes.

When it comes to preparing great BBQ, temperature control is critical. In 2011, Smokin Brothers created and manufactured their first pellet grill, having since expanded their product range with a few other models.

These grills are constructed of a heavy gauge of steel, which is uncommon in modern gas barbecues.

This business used its BBQ competition abilities to design and build its first pellet barbecue from the comfort of its own home.

Pitts & Spitts Grills

Pitts & Spitts are distinguished by their high-quality stainless steel and carbon steel construction. These grills look amazing and are constructed to withstand hard usage and damage while maintaining a high level of heat retention.

These grills are similar to those seen in industrial kitchens but are designed for competitions and everyday use.

Texas is home to some of the greatest BBQ in the world and one of the top grill manufacturers. Pitts & Spitts barbecues were built in Texas.

While their designs are simple, they excel in terms of performance and quality. Additionally, they manufacture charcoal grills with the same rigor as they do gas grills.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

Twin Eagles are passionate about grilling and use only the best materials to make opulent-looking barbecues and upmarket merchandise.

Twin Eagles pellet grills are sometimes referred to as the “Mercedes-Benz” of the grilling business. These grills have the look and feel of top-of-the-line gas barbecues, but are powered by wood pellets.

Between $300 and $500 is the price range for a Twin Eagles pellet grill. Nonetheless, no other grill comes close to matching the beauty, fit and finish, and technology of these grills. This company’s principal objective is to enable people to enjoy outdoor sports in luxury.

While the bulk of the businesses on our list caters to commercial or general BBQ fans, one is dedicated solely to elegant outdoor living.

Each Twin Eagles pellet grill is made in America. This company has developed a reputation for excellence in premium pellet grilling and outdoor living areas. The engineers place a premium on accuracy, exceptional performance, and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Cookshack Pellet Grill Co

Gene and Judy Ellis founded The Cookshack as a small company after the success of their line of BBQ rubs and sauces.

Gene determined that the best commercially available cookers were insufficient for his vocation and designed and constructed his own. This is the beginning of Cookshack, but Eddy is quickly integrated into the story.

Ed Maurin became a member of a barbecue competition club in 1986. Later in the 1990s, he established his own BBQ catering business, using a pit he built himself.

It wasn’t long before Eddy presented the FEC100, a premium competition, and commercial-grade smoker, to the globe in 1997.

Commercial kitchens found an answer when Cookshack and Fast Eddy joined together to create the FEC750. Around the United States, the FEC 750 was a common sight in commercial kitchens and grilling competitions.

Eddy had a critical role in the expansion of Fast Eddy’s grills in his hometown.

Fast Eddy’s Pellet grills have several features that are often seen on a high-end barbecue or smoker. These pellet barbecues have been a source of contention for pitmasters and barbecue enthusiasts for years.

The PG500 wood pellet grill from Cookshack is a popular model. It is a single unit that serves as both a grill and a smoker.

This grill is designed in the style of a small industrial kitchen, with four cooking zones that allow for a range of grilling techniques. The PG500 is entirely constructed of stainless steel for durability, temperature control, and efficiency.

The “Original” PK Grill And Smoker

At an inexpensive price, the Original PK grill established the industry standard for no-fluff cooking.

This organization has been recognized with several accolades and is the chosen choice of a huge number of pitmasters. It is a hand-cast aluminum grill reminiscent of those produced in the 1950s and 1960s.

The key selling factors are the aluminum body and an entirely adjustable 4-point ventilation system. The rectangular form makes it easier to position coals for either direct or indirect cooking.

The grill is renowned for its outstanding airflow, precise temperature control, and uniform heat dispersion.

While this is not a pellet smoker, it is a fantastic camping grill or portable smoker that was built and manufactured in the state of Arkansas in America.

American Pellet Grills Made Overseas

List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them

It’s important to remember that a good pellet grill cooks efficiently and meets your needs and budget. There are hundreds of brands, the bulk of which produce grills in other countries. This is not necessarily a negative attribute.

Trager and Pit Boss have been providing clients with inexpensive, high-quality goods for years. The majority of grills on this list are geared for a very small market segment that comprises die-hard hobbyists, competitors, and commercial users.

While huge firms and well-known brands may outsource production, they are also capable of mass-producing inexpensive items for the general population, including the backyard barbecue warrior.

Additional American producers of great wooden pellet grills are listed below; however, certain production procedures are outsourced.

Traeger Wooden Pellet Grills

Trager, who is considered a leader in the industry, pioneered the usage of the pellet grill. Traeger grills were invented in America.

After a few changes and a thorough reorganization, it was determined that the grills would continue to be manufactured.

Nonetheless, a Trager is unmatched in terms of craftsmanship and creativity. Their grills are loaded with practical features and cutting-edge technology, which has helped them become the world’s most popular pellet grill brand.

Z Grills

Z Grill is another brand that has grown in popularity over the past several years. Many people are unaware that the firm that currently owns Z Grills formerly designed and manufactured pellet grills for many well-known brands.

This is a very frequent method for some organizations to bring a product to market by outsourcing manufacture and private labeling. The Z Grills Company is well-versed in grilling and has achieved success.

Z Grills provides a high-quality barbecue at a fraction of the cost of a Traeger. You give up some of the technology associated with a Traeger grill, but you also give up some of the cost.

Pit Boss

Another well-known brand is Pit Boss. These barbecues are priced reasonably and are aimed squarely at the backyard warrior.

You get a lot of grills for your money with Pit Boss, even more so with the newest Pit Boss models that include cutting-edge technology. If you’re searching for a gas barbecue, Pit Boss also offers a couple of propane versions.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef is another wonderful company that is well-known for its expansive line of outdoor gear.

While their grills are not made in America, they are of exceptional quality and provide an abundance of features for the price. Camp Chef, for example, offers a sear station as an option with their pellet grills.

Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

Grilla Grills is a reputable maker of high-quality pellet smokers. Grilla Grills relocated production to China to save money.

Grilla Grill claims it is finding it more difficult to compete with low-cost international pellet barbecues.

Why Are Pellet Grills Made Overseas?

List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them

Simply said, it’s all about the money. Grills built in America are primarily aimed toward commercial clients, barbecue contests, and commercial use. It requires money to manufacture a grill in large quantities and try to sell it to the average American.

Additionally, producers must price their grills below the price of a smartphone and no higher than the price of a used car to sell thousands of grills rather than a few hundred.

What Should I Look For In A Good Pellet Grill?

Now that we have established what pellet grills are made where let’s look at some of the features you should look out for when searching for your new grill. 


We looked for grills constructed of premium materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and other heavy gauge metals.

Appropriate materials add weight to the grill, but they last longer. Grills manufactured in America are often made using better materials.


Certain warranty plans cover both components and labor for a period of one to five years. There are divisions, and some manufacturers even provide a lifetime warranty on their products. Always read the small print on a grill’s warranty.

Certain manufacturers cover just particular components, while others cover specific comments for a long length of time, although components fail more often over a shorter period.

Heat Control And Retention

Heat management and retention have always been critical components of our grills’ design. The architecture of the grill affects its capacity to regulate and distribute heat.

While high-temperature cooking does not need an exceptional ability to retain heat, meat smoking and cold smoking must.


Naturally, we want the greatest equipment and materials available, as well as the most amount of cooking area possible for the least amount of money. As a result, the vast majority of grills are manufactured outside of the United States.

Numerous firms have outsourced production in response to consumer demand, jeopardizing the livelihoods of tens of thousands of American employees. A grill that is manufactured in America benefits the local economy.

What Are The Best Flavors For Smoking Pellets?

Smoking pellets can be found in a variety of wood flavors, from well-known BBQ staples like hickory, cherry, and apple to lesser-known woods like pecan and maple.

Each kind has its particular flavor and complements a variety of meats. Consider a selection of our preferred smoking pellets and the meats that compliment them.

List Of Pellet Grills Made In USA And Where To Find Them


Due to their moderate flavor and scent, these pellets are the most adaptive. Alder wood produces a significant quantity of smoke without overwhelming delicate flavors found in fish, poultry, or baked foods.


Apple pellets provide a fruity note to mildly flavored meats. They are often paired with pork and poultry.


Cherry wood pellets are some of the most delectable pellets on the market and are excellent for adding a thick smoke flavor.

Make marinated beef ribs using these pellets. These delectable ribs are so flavorful as a result of the cherry smoke and marinade that they do not need any additional sauce.


Hickory pellets are perhaps the most often utilized kind of pellet in barbecue since they provide a robust flavor that pairs well with the majority of meats. For those who find hickory too strong, consider combining it with softer pellets like apple or oak.


Maple pellets have a moderate, somewhat sweet flavor. They pair well with pork and turkey. Utilize them to smoke your Christmas turkeys, and your family will urge you to do it year after year. You’d be wise to consider the weight when you do!


Mesquite pellets provide a robustly smoky flavor to meat and are a distinguishing feature of Texas-style barbecue. This robust smokey flavor is ideal for dishes that might use a bit more zip.


These pellets produce a little amount of smoke. They have a more robust flavor than apple or cherry, but not as much as hickory. Oak is an excellent option for fish and vegetables, either on their own or in combination.


Pecan pellets have a delectable, nutty flavor with a little bite. They pair nicely with beef, chicken, and pork. Additionally, they provide a tremendous depth of flavor to baked items.

Final Thoughts

This list is ideal for anybody seeking a pellet grill manufacturer headquartered in America.

It makes no difference whether we’re discussing pellet grills, popular music, or pizza; everyone wants to know what’s the finest. While this may seem to be a straightforward problem, there is no one-word solution.

Is the greatest pellet grill the most popular pellet grill from the most recognizable brand? Is it the most costly model available, equipped with the most modern features and flashy extras? Is it the most cost-effective option?

In reality, the answer is subjective and is determined by your unique circumstances, resources, and requirements. Alternatively, maybe the most pertinent issue is which pellet grill is the best. Which pellet grill, however, is the greatest match for your needs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sear Food On A Pellet Grill?

Yes, you can sear food on a pellet grill. For the best possible sear on your food, make sure you use a pellet grill that is capable of achieving high heat.

Manufacturers of high-end grills have responded to customer dissatisfaction by designing models capable of reaching higher temperatures (up to 650 degrees) and allowing for direct searing over a perforated plate above the burn pot.

Searing happens when food is exposed to intense direct heat—imagine the sizzle that occurs when a burger comes into contact with a hot frying pan or grill grate positioned over a charcoal or wood fire. There is no direct, instantaneous contact with heat.

Are Pellet Grills Expensive?

Pellet grills, on average, cost the same as or more than gas barbecues. Additionally, they are nearly always more costly at the time of purchase than charcoal grills.

They cost from $400 and $4000 or more. You’ll pay a premium for superior craftsmanship, extended and stronger warranties, and enhanced customer service.

In terms of operational expenses, pellets often sell for about a dollar per pound. Pellet consumption fluctuates depending on a variety of variables, but as a general guideline, count on utilizing around 1.5 pounds of pellets every hour.

This encompasses methods such as low- and slow-cooking, as well as high-heat grilling sessions.

If you often use your pellet grill, you may notice a little rise in your monthly power cost.

How Much Maintenance Do Pellet Grills Need?

While pellets burn cleanly, ash accumulates at the bottom of the firebox, decreasing performance. Vacuum the inside of the firebox regularly using a shop vac, but only after the grill has cooled fully. Allow at least 24 hours after cooking.

Additionally, carefully wash the temperature probe to avoid interfering with the controller’s connection to the firebox. Maintain a clean barbecue grate with a good grill brush.

Wipe down the outside of the property with a moist towel. Alternatively, if your grill is made of stainless steel, you may clean it using a specialized solution.

Pellet grills are light years ahead of typical wood-burning or gas barbecues in terms of technology. Numerous versions use state-of-the-art digital PID (proportional integral derivative) controllers, wireless connectivity, and moving components.

Thus, more things may go wrong. Repairs might be costly if the grill is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

To make cleaning easier, certain pellet grill manufacturers, such as Traeger, advocate wrapping the heat diffuser plate in heavy-duty aluminum foil before cooking. Numerous types include a foil-lined grease bucket.

What Are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are just sawdust that has been crushed and extruded into a cylindrical form under high pressure. They are available in a variety of flavors, including hickory and mesquite, and may be customized in the pellet hopper.

To prevent impurities in furnace pellets, purchase only food-grade pellet fuel. Additionally, keep your pellets in a dry atmosphere; any moisture will make them ineffective.

Are Pellet Grills Worth It?

While both gas and pellet grills are capable of performing identical tasks, one is likely to be better suited to your house and culinary demands

 Gas grills are ideal for individuals who like a natural, rich flavor in their meals and just want to utilize a little quantity of smoke. Additionally, for home cooks looking for a rapid technique of cooking, we propose gas grills.

Pellet grills are an excellent option for individuals on a budget since they use less fuel than gas barbecues.

Additionally, you can purchase numerous bags of wood pellets for less than the cost of a single propane tank and experiment with different flavor combinations.

Pellet grills, in our view, are great for individuals seeking a powerful smoke flavor and those who like roasting and smoking meals with care.

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