Tips on cleaning a Grill at your home 

The smell of freshly barbecued meat, hamburgers, brisket, and so much more is what a perfect Summer evening is all about. Enjoying the food also involves a greater responsibility of maintaining the grilling equipment.  If you are a grill owner, you must know how to clean grill grates, failing, which could hamper your entire experience.

There are numerous options to clean a grill, including a variety of cleaners available in the market or hiring a professional. Of course, if you don’t like using those chemical-induced cleaners, you can always opt the easier option of home cleaning.  Here are some tips on cleaning a grill at your home:

Cleaning Portable Grills  

clean grill grates

It may be a bit tricky to start a charcoal grill, but it is easier to clean and lasts longer if maintained properly. You can use a wire grill brush to scrape off the remnants from the previous cookout. It should be done when the coal is the hottest, making removing the leftover food bits from the grill easier. An aluminum foil ball also works if you don’t have a brush.  

The following items also work well to clean grill grates effectively; 

Baking Soda  

Baking soda is a magic ingredient that can help you instantly scrape off all organic substances. Just sprinkle it evenly over the damp surface of the grill and leave it for 10 minutes. Then pour some hot water and scour with a sponge to clean it off.  

It works like magic and does not leave a scratch on your metal grill, which is essential for maintaining its coating. Always remember to avoid such abrasive cleaners, which can harm the metal coating of your BBQ grill.  


It is another one of the simplest tricks to clean your grate magically. First, prepare a vinegar solution with equal parts of vinegar and water and spray it over the grill. After half an hour, spray some neat vinegar over it and let it rest for another 30 minutes. Then wipe it off to get a clean grate as the acetic acid in vinegar degraded all the dirt and food leftovers. This method works for gas grill grates as well.

You can also use vinegar and salt to clear the rust that occurs on the grill after it stays in throughout the winter. Soak the grill in a mixture of vinegar and salt and leave it overnight. Then, wipe it with a cloth, and you’ll get a fresh-looking grill.   


Another best way to clean grill grates is using a damp newspaper. This trick works when the BBQ cools down a bit. Spray some water over a sheet of newspaper and lay it on top of the grill. Close the lid for 30 minutes.   

After 30 minutes, you can easily wipe off the grime with that newspaper. The BBQ heat and the newspaper water create steam within the grill that removes grime stuck on the grills. Make sure to keep a check on the newspaper as it can start burning, which will be even messier for you.  


The citric acid in lemon forms a great source of antibacterial properties. As good as it tastes squeezed over fish and other meat, it also shows equally impressive work for cleaning purposes. 

To clean your charcoal grates with lemon, you must heat the BBQ. Then dip some halved lemons in salt crystals and rub them over the hot charcoal grill while squeezing the lemon juice. The abrasive action of salt and the antibacterial action of the citric acid will work together to give you a clean grate.  

Cleaning Gas Grills  

clean gas grills

Gas grills are way more convenient and easier to use. Cleaning them is also not that burdensome. They require thorough cleaning before and after every use, which can help extend the life of your grill.  

This propane-fueled grill needs a tune-up at the beginning of the grilling season. And once you form the habit of cleaning it with every use, you can ensure that your gas grill stays in good shape for years. Always make sure the grill is cool and you turn off the gas supply and the grill before cleaning.  

For a thoroughly cleaned gas grill, you can use any of the following methods:  

By Heating  

Heating the gas grill can be an effective cleaning technique. Preheat the grill for about 15 minutes, and then turn it off. Turn off the gas supply as well. Now scrub the hot grill grates using a stiff wire brush dipped in water. Try to stand back during this process to avoid getting burned by steam. Once it cools, wipe it with a damp cloth to clean the residue.  

To remove stubborn grease, you can use dish detergent as well. You can clean the burner port’s blockages with a dry wire brush; use soapy water to clean the burner valve, and clean the grill from within using a wire brush and soapy water. Rinse it with water afterward. Then dry them with a towel and reinstall them. 

Regular Cleaning  

Cleaning grill grates regularly is the most efficient way to maintain the life of the BBQ. Various cleaners are available that can make the job easier for you. Select the one that suits you best or ask for advice to get the best cleaning material for your equipment.  

The most basic things required are a grill brush and some cleaning wipes. Let the grill cool off completely, and then start the cleaning process. Scrub the surface using the brush wrapped with a wipe. You can also use a brush having a scraper to remove the stubborn chunks.  

Deep Cleaning  

Sometimes, your grill needs a deep cleaning to remove some stubborn food debris. For this, you can go for a simple yet effective procedure for which you’ll need vinegar and baking soda.  

Take a garbage bag and mix two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda in it. Place the grill grates into this bag and let it soak overnight. Then spray some water after removing from the mixture and pat dry using a towel. To remove any remaining stuck-on food, use a grill brush or rag.  

Cleaning Blackstone Griddles  

Blackstone griddle acts as a multipurpose grill. Owning such a grill can be really helpful, especially when you are someone who likes variety. You can cook eggs on a Blackstone griddle and also enjoy a great steak cooked on it for dinner. It is convenient to prepare a meal for the entire family in one go because of its spacious top.  

Even though they are very useful, you must keep your grill clean to utilize it to its full potential. Since it has a different grill grate, you need to use different methods to clean it. Cleaning a Blackstone griddle is quite easy and requires only water and a metal spatula or scraper. And a well-seasoned griddle is much easier to clean and maintain.   

The process of cleaning the Blackstone griddle is:  

Metal scraper  

A sturdy metal spatula or scraper is the best tool to clean grill grates of a Blackstone griddle. Start scraping from one side of the grill to the other end until you get the entire surface cleaned. A metal scraper used for cleaning grill surfaces can also be used here. A well-seasoned grill would be easier to clean as the remnant food particles and grease come out of them without any extra work.  


If you don’t have a seasoned grill or face a stuck-on food issue, you can always use water as an aid. Spray some water on the grill while it is still a bit warm. The heat and water form a steam-like on the grill that breaks down the stuck food. You can scrape the area and get yourself a clean grill in no time. In some cases, you might have to repeat the process to get it completely cleaned. Afterward, clean with paper towels to get a perfect finish.  

Once you’ve cleaned the surface, don’t forget to coat it with some oil. Moisture in the air reacts with the cast-iron surface leading to the formation of rust over it. You can avoid this rust by using oil that keeps your grill seasoned.  


After the long winters, we all want to cherish the Summer days to the fullest. And what fun Summers are without a good BBQ. So, no matter which type of grill you own, the foremost task is to maintain and clean grill grates well. There is nothing better than a good grilled feast as long as it is cooked on a clean, seasoned and fresh grill top.   

Make sure to store your grills properly after the season ends so they are ready the next time you take them out. Store them in a cool storage shed or use a grill cover to protect the grills from moisture and other elements causing rust. Follow these cleaning and maintenance routines, and you’re all set to throw a good time feast for your loved ones. 

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