How To Grill Top Round Steak: All You Need to Know

There are many different types of steak to be eaten and there are lots of different ways to cook and prepare these cuts of beef.

A lot of people often struggle with making sure they cook their tender steak perfectly, with many steak lovers overcooking their food.

How To Grill Top Round Steak: All You Need to Know

Because of this, they can often end up ruining their meal and wasting time and money on a steak that simply won’t do.

Top round steak might not be as popular as some other steak types, such as rump or sirloin, but will certainly possess enough extra flavor to compete with other cuts of meat.

Follow our guide to find out what top round steak is and how to cook it. After all, it’s nice to know where to start.

What Is Top Round Steak?

Top round steak is one of the most inexpensive cuts of beef available in supermarkets and grocery stores around the world.

It is also considered to be an underutilized cut of beef because it has less fat than other steaks. However, if you’re looking for a leaner steak, then top round may be just what you need.

The name “top round” comes from its position at the top of the cow’s stomach.

To make this type of steak more appealing to consumers, producers have started using various marinades and rubs when cooking top-round steaks.

This is because top rounds tend to dry out easily, so any special treatment can help prevent them from losing moisture.

For example, we recommend rubbing your steak with salt and pepper after you’ve seared it.

If you want to add even more flavor to your top round steak, consider adding rosemary or thyme to the oil mixture before grilling your steak for extra layers of taste.

What Does Top Round Steak Taste Like?

The main difference between top round and other types of steaks is that top round steaks don’t contain much fat. As a result, they taste slightly drier and tougher than other types of steaks.

If you like leaner steaks, then the top-round is probably the best choice for you.

You can use top round steaks instead of other cuts of beef, such as flank steak, skirt steak, flat iron steak, and chuck eye steak.

They’re good choices for those who want something lean or a little bit healthier than your standard steak with fat trimmings.

When buying top-round steaks, choose ones that aren’t too fatty or chewy to ensure the healthiest cut of beef. Top round works particularly well with a fresh salad!

What Texture Does Top Round Steak Have?

Like other types of steak, top round steak tends to come in two popular textures: medium-rare and medium.

This is ideal for some people as they prefer to have their steaks cooked in the middle of the doneness spectrum, however, those who prefer a more rare steak might be better off looking at different, thicker cuts.

How Thick Are Top Round Steaks?

When purchasing top round steaks, you should aim to get a thickness of about 1/2 inch (1 cm). This will allow you to enjoy a juicy steak without having to worry about overfeeding yourself. 

In general, top round steaks are thinner than other types of steak and are very easy to overcook because of this.

Ensuring that you pick the perfect size of steak for you is a great start to cooking your beef.

What’s The Best Way To Cook Top Round Steak?

There are many different ways to cook steak, with lots of them using direct heat to bring out all of the juices and flavors of your meat. Here are some popular ways to cook your steak:


Searing is perhaps the easiest way to prepare top-round steaks. Start by preheating your grill to a high temperature and placing your steak on the grill.

Next, brush the surface of your steak with olive oil and season it with salt and pepper. 

Once the grill heats up again, lower the temperature of the grill down to low. Leave the grill alone until the steak begins to sear, which will take about 2 minutes.

Then, you’ll see steam coming off the steak, signaling the beginning of the browning process.

After another minute or two, flip your steak over and leave it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes while the other side cooks. 

It’s all about monitoring your steak and trying to judge the levels of doneness. Using a thermometer always helps!


If you love smoking meats, then you’ll want to try top-round steak smoked in a smoker.

Place your steak on a rack set inside your smoker and smoke it for 30 to 60 minutes depending on how thick your steak is.

While it’s cooking, you can also place your steak on a sheet pan and roast it in the oven.

Pan Sautéing

How To Grill Top Round Steak: All You Need to Know

This technique involves searing your steak in a hot skillet over high heat for just a few seconds, then flipping it over and finishing it in the pan for an additional couple of minutes.

Pan sautéing is similar to searing but not quite as intense.


Just like smoking, roasting is a method used to create smoky, delicious results. Roast your steak for 45 to 60 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200°C) and let it rest before serving.

However, this method has been known to dry beef out if overcooked, which is easily done with top-round steak.

What To Accompany Grilled Top Round Steak With

You can serve grilled top round steak with any number of sides, from salads to vegetables. A simple salad would work well, but there are endless possibilities.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you could pair your steak with potato fries. Another option is to accompany your steak with something savory such as cheese, bread, or potatoes.

When served with a side dish, top-round steak tastes even better.

Can You Make Top Round Steak Burgers?

Yes, you can make burgers with top-round steak. Simply choose lean ground beef and mix it with finely chopped onions and bell peppers.

Then, form patties and fry them up until they turn golden brown. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find a burger recipe that works for you.

Top round steak will work well with a variety of sauce and marinades, which we’ll look at now.

Good Sauces And Marinades For Top Round Steak

There are lots of different ways to try and extend the flavors of your top round steak, with barbecue marinade being preferred by a lot of people.

Many steaks will profit from including some sort of garlic butter or garlic sauce to enhance your steak meal and the experience of eating it.

On top of this, it’s always good to season your beef cut with salt and black pepper because of the way they complement the steak.

As previously mentioned, adding fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme is also a great way to add a natural element of flavor to your top round steak and we can’t recommend it enough!

For the best sauces for grilled chicken check out this!

Final Thoughts

Using a gas grill to cook your top round steak is a great method of keeping the juices and the fats flowing, keeping the beefy flavor intact – making for a great meal.

Adding elements like black pepper and salt is another brilliant way to add an extra layer of taste to your beef and will keep your mouth watering for days.

Because top round steak has a lower fat content and tends to be a lot thinner than other cuts of steak, you can expect a leaner and more healthy finish to your meal.

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