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The Grill Charms Story

After her husband unintentionally handed Leslie the wrong piece of (spicy) meat and after she grilled both mild and spicy chicken, Leslie Haywood of Charleston, South Carolina, came up with an instant answer. She invented Grill Charms in her mind’s eye right then and there.

If you affix a charm on the meat prior to grilling, you’ll never again experience the difficulty of getting the wrong piece of meat! And off she want to create the product known as grill charms.

Anyone who owns a barbecue will love receiving one of Leslie’s Barbecue Charms, which are ideal for the grilling sector. 

The target market for Grill Charms, according to Leslie Haywood, is women. It costs $19.95 to buy. 

After her appearance on Shark Tank and signing a deal, things began to open up for her. There were subtle changes recommended to her product.

For example, Leslie was urged by the experts to include Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce, a Shark Tank success story, in the Grill Charms packaging. There is little question that customers at Pork Barrel BBQ restaurants will love this product.

Nonetheless, it was still the product Leslie pitched and the Sharks loved it. There was success and ultimately many directional changes through Leslie’s journey with Grill Charms.

Now, what ever happened to Grill Charms? In this article we are going to dive into what happened to Grill Charms and what is happening now.

Grill Charms: What is it? 

A product called Grill Charms was developed to make it easier for diners to recognize grilled meat. Chefs can identify meat before cooking it according to their preferences thanks to these stainless steel charms.

Tagging helps to avoid misunderstanding. If you didn’t know which steak was yours, don’t worry! Just identify your specific stainless steel charm and you were good to go. Leslie made it so she would never get the spicy chicken by mistake ever again.

Who is the Grill Charms Founder? 

Leslie Haywood invented Grill Charms. Leslie raised her two daughters as a stay-at-home parent up until 2006. But she started Grill Charms in 2007. 

Before creating Grill charms, Leslie Haywood was a stay-at-home mother of two girls. Leslie turned a problem into a prosperous business opportunity. She is now Charmed Life Products’ president.

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2006, Leslie underwent a bilateral mastectomy the following year. She nonetheless entered the market carrying her goods. 

Since then, she has made several television appearances. She also writes to several other journals. 

In addition to newspaper features and financial digests, she writes pieces to a number of family and health periodicals. She has furthermore made appearances on a lot of podcasts and radio programs. 

In Front of Shark Tank, Here is Grill Charms 

South Carolina is the home state of Lesley Haywood. She herself as a mother and wife who stays at home and makes the claim that she has created a product for anybody who appreciates grilling. 

It might be difficult to keep track of what is on the grill while kids are present. Lesley Haywood claims that her creation is the solution to every griller’s problem. 

Lesley Haywood adds that she keeps herself fairly busy as the creator, CEO, marketing whiz, and bookkeeper for the grilling gadget empire when she isn’t cooking, caring for her kids, or driving them about. 

Lesley Haywood adds that she had scheduled a Shark Tank audition, but right before going on stage, her mother called to let her know that her father had passed away. 

For her, it came very abruptly and unexpectedly, and one of the last things her father told her mother was to stop phoning Lesley because he didn’t want to be the one to cost her the chance to go on Shark Tank.

The most horrific experience Lesley Haywood has ever had is burying her father. 

A few weeks after the funeral, Lesley Haywood received a call from Shark Tank alerting her that she has been granted a second chance to speak to the sharks. 

When Lesley Haywood approaches the Sharks, she is certain that her father would follow her and support her. 

Grill Charms’ Pitch to the Shark Tank Team

Leslie Haywood went to Shark Tank and asked for $50,000 in return for 25% of the company. She said that the wrong cut of meat was presented by her husband, which gave rise to the idea for this product. Robert Herjavek approved of the plan. 

Marketing professionals think the name “Grill Charms” is unsuitable for the product and should rethink the marketability of the name.

They had issues with the packing as well. 

Leslie already has 103 independent locations where she sells Grill Charms, according to Kevin O’Leary’s inquiries. People enjoy the products and buy them, as Kevin said, but Leslie does not yet have a brand; this is because the brand has not yet been created. He offered her $50,000 in return for 50% of the business. 

According to Barbara Corcoran, she is no longer interested in investing. Robert Herjavek is allegedly bad at working with stores, according to Daymond. 

Daymond and Harrington are unable to compromise and agree to create a partnership with a 50/50 share split.

O’Leary has indicated that in exchange for $50,000, he will want 7% royalties and 20% ownership. 

She accepts Robert Herjavek’s $50,000 offer in return for 25% of the company in the end, which is precisely what she wanted. 

How is Grill Charms Profitable? 

Before presenting her idea on Shark Tank, Leslie said she had previously sold Grill Charms. There are already 103 separate places where you may buy Grill Charms. 

Grill Charms were available for purchase on both the company’s website and other online retailers including Amazon and The price of a these stainless steel charms ranges from $11.95 to $10.95. 

What Are Grill Charms Worth? 

Grill Charms obtained a $50,000 investment for a 25% stock stake and a $200,000 implied valuation.

2009 sales for the Grill Charms firm was $60,000. According to Zoominfo, the Shark Tank pitch for grill charms generated $1 million in sales. 

Who are the Grill Charms Investors? 

Leslie Haywood made Robert Herjavek an offer of $50,000 in return for 25% of the broadcast’s ownership. Through this process, Leslie kept ownership. 

He said, “Robert Leslie believed in me, and that was the main reason I went with him. If you think back to season one, all sharks except one wanted to participate in Grill Charms.

I kicked his butt the first couple years following the shark tank show and didn’t put too much pressure on him. He and I occasionally exchanged phone, text, and email messages, but I was in charge of managing the company. I am aware that he can help me if I need it in the future.”

Does Grill Charms Still Operate? 

In 2011, The Grill Charms Company went out of business. There were 19 sharks on the show, according to a 2016 report from a Shark Tank website. Later, Fox Run Brands received a license to manufacture and market the product under the heading of grilling solutions. 

Grill Charms may still be purchased on even though they are no longer offered on the company’s website,

Their website was let go and then purchased by John Rinder to be used as an informational grilling blog site which posts regularly on topics such as grilling, cooking, smoking, BBQ, and delicious recipes.

John Rinder’s profile “To me, nothing beats having a good barbecue on a warm summer evening. As soon as those clocks change and the days grow longer, I’m out in the backyard grilling! My name is John Rinder and I have spent the majority of my adult life grilling and learning about barbecues. 

In fact, my grilling experience stems from even before that, when I used to watch my father grill outdoors. Some of my favorite memories growing up were surrounding the grill in the backyard, or a portable grill on the beach or in the park.”

John Rinder Grill Charms

Although Grill Charms are for sale, they are not owned by the same business. 

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Grill Charms?

Herjavec began watching Shark Tank and stated that he bought Grill Charms because he thought it was a terrific product, but Lesley is where the deal begins. 

Lesley enters the space and dominates it. 

You could openly appreciate a product, but you might not know who created it. 

In August 2017, she addressed the other Tank members for the first time with, “Hello, everyone! On the Grill Charms website, the Spicy, Charmed Life, and Pink Grill Charms Collections were all sold out, leaving only the Steak Collection accessible.”

You can also get Charmed Life on Amazon or a similar type brand on Amazon. According to SharkTankBlog, for the production and distribution of Grill Charms, now known as the OUTSET Brand, Leslie obtained an exclusive license arrangement with Fox Run Brands, LLC. 

For the length of the collaboration, Lesley claims she has received royalty payments every three months.


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