7 Grilling Hacks Every BBQ Chef Should Know 

Summers are a great time to cherish the outdoors with fun activities and events. Spending time with your friends and family under the sun sounds like an amazing plan, especially when you add a BBQ feast to it. A grill set up in your backyard, a bright sunny afternoon, and your loved ones around you, these are some of the best memories you will make this Summer. Even though it sounds quite easy, grilling can end up being a tricky task. From firing up the grill to cooking a particular dish, you can encounter unexpected difficulties. But you need not worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether you are an experienced grill master or a beginner, here are, some BBQ hacks that every chef must know.  

Check The Propane Level With Warm Water 

Using a propane grill is much more convenient than a charcoal grill. In addition, the functioning and maintenance are much easier when it comes to propane grills. However, the problem arises when you’re all set to start grilling and find out that the tank is empty.  

To avoid such a situation, you can always check your propane level in advance by using this simple hack that requires only hot water. Pour the water over the side of the tank and run your finger along with it. The point where the temperature turns cold is where your propane level stands. It happens because of a reaction between the hot water and the tank contents, which turns the water cold.   

This hack does not give you the exact reading but can help you to know the approximate propane level so that you can plan accordingly. A standard 20-pound propane tank can fuel a medium-size grill for about 18-20 hours. You can use different propane tanks for your grill as per your needs.  

Light Your Coals With An Egg Carton  

grilling coal-BBQ hacks

Setting the fire in a charcoal grill can be perplexing and time-consuming. And even more difficult is controlling the heat once you light the fire. However, this hack can save you from these troubles. Next time you try to light a charcoal grill fire, try using empty cardboard egg cartons. It is considered the best BBQ hacks when it comes to grilling.

Cardboard egg cartons are an excellent fire starter. Fill the carton slots with charcoal pieces and light the whole thing. This will give you a controlled base for your grill and an evenly-spread fire. Moreover, you get the leverage to adjust the grill temperature according to your needs by adding coal or dispersing heat throughout the carton. It also saves the food from unwanted flavors. A cardboard egg carton removes the need to use lighter fluid while lighting the coals, removing its unpleasant flavor from the food.  

It is noteworthy to mention that this hack is applicable for cardboard egg cartons only and not for styrofoam ones. Burning styrofoam cartons releases fumes that are toxic and must not be inhaled. Using them in a place where you cook can end up damaging your food as well as your health.  

Clean Your Grill With An Onion  

Cleaning is one of the essential habits in life, and the same goes for your grill as well. After all, it is where you cook the food you’ll eat. So, keeping it clean and hygienic is essential. Even though many cleaners are available on the market, using a natural cleanser is healthier and toxin-free.   

This takes us to one of the easiest BBQ hacks that can naturally help you clean your grill and also add some extra flavor to your meals. It is one of the most efficient, easy, and inexpensive ways to check your grill’s cleanliness. Once you heat the grill and remove the remains from its previous use, rub a sliced onion piece over it, and it’ll be all fresh again.   

Onion contains natural antibacterial properties that clean up your grill without leaving any harmful aftereffects. You just need to slice an onion in half and stab a fork in one of the halves. Now scrape the grill grates using this onion piece and get amazing results. Once you’ve cleaned the grill, you can drop this onion into the coals. This will bring an added flavor to your meals later on.  

Make Your Grill A Smoker  

grill smoker

Did you know that your grill can also make barbecued, smoky-flavored meat? This exciting hack can turn your conventional grill into a smoker. With the help of water, a tin pan, and some wood chips, you can add authentic smoky flavor to your grilled meat with a few simple steps. 

If you’re using a charcoal grill, put the charcoal pieces and pre-soaked wood chips over one-half of the grill. On the other half, place a disposable tin pan half-filled with water or apple juice (if you feel like adding an extra flavor). Liquids will help maintain moisture and regulate the temperature when you cook meat for longer. Slowly the wood chips will smolder and create enough smoke inside the closed grill to give the sitting meat a delicious, smoky barbecue flavor.  

When using a gas grill, you can place the pre-soaked wood chips in the tin pan and then cover it with tin foil. Then poke some holes in it for ventilation. You can also use a wood smoker box on a gas grill for this. After placing the tin, light the grill and cook on the other side to infuse the smoke in the meat.  

Maintain Moisture In Burgers Using Ice Cube  

Burgers taste best when they have the right fillings, sauces, veggies, and, most importantly, a perfectly seasoned, juicy patty. There are many BBQ hacks to maintain the moisture in the meat. But the easiest one that is accessible to everyone is using an ice cube.   

Place an ice cube or cold butter in the center of the raw patty. As you grill, the ice or butter will melt and evenly spread the moisture throughout the patty. The meat aborts the melted ice and prevents your burgers from drying out.  

This simple BBQ hacks can help you make juicy, succulent burgers every time. Make sure you consider the size of the burger and target temperature to make this hack work. Also, make a thumbprint indentation in the center so that the patty maintains its shape when being cooked.  

Soak The Skewers Before Grilling  

soak skewers

Skewers are used in a lot of grilling dishes and are very efficient in cooking delicious kebabs. However, to enjoy perfect kebabs, you must remember to grill the different kinds of meat and veggies separately. As they all take their specific durations to get fully tendered.  

The most important BBQ hacks for a perfect Kebab recipe is to soak the skewers in water before putting them on the grill. It is usually suggested to soak them for a minimum of 30 minutes so that they can absorb enough moisture to last on the grill for a long time without getting burned. 

This hack can help prevent your skewers from catching fire or getting burned and transferring that rotten flavor into your food. You should also keep in mind to avoid rotating or flipping the skewers from the ends that become fragile by being on the barbecue. Instead, you can use a tong to flip it from the meat area and keep the food intact and tender.  

Use A Citrus Bed To Cook Fish  

Many of you love to prepare classic grilled fish recipes. A nicely cooked fish with various marinades and seasonings infused with the smoky flavor and smell is among the most refreshing grilling dishes. It all goes well until the fish breaks and falls through the grates, leaving you disappointed.  

Worry not because we have a griddle hack for you that will never leave you disappointed with your grilled fish. Use thin slices of lemon or orange to make a bed over your grill, and cook your fish over this. This bed will not only protect your fish from breaking or sticking to the grill but also add an exciting lemony flavor to it.  

Once the fish is done, you can chop these roasted lemon slices and add them to salsa to make grilled fish tacos or any other recipe. You can also use these lemons on the serving plates for presentation. This hack will give you a perfect fish as well as an additional lemony twist. 


Invite all your loved ones because a summer without your buddies and a good BBQ feast is incomplete. Whether you make some luscious kebabs, succulent burgers, or flavorful fish, these hacks will ensure you host a party that no one will ever forget. Get ready to master the grill recipes and live your summer BBQ dream to its fullest. 

Use these basic hacks to prepare a mouth-watering meal without any hassles.  

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